china-agent samples consolidation

Be a customer of Quickfish, free subscription fee, you will have your own China mailing address / office!

As soon as we get start to work, you will get a customer number and a China address / office at the same time. Below an example:

Company A, customer number: QF0258

China address: #QF0258, 1/F No.13, Lane 8, Xinhe Five Area , Fuyong Ave., Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, P.R.China 518103

Contact: Tom (Name of Your sole Customer Service Representative)

Tel: +86 755 8527 4099

Your address in Chinese:


联系人:XX 先生

电话:+86 755 8527 4099

With your sole Chinese address and custom service representitive, you will be able to focus on your main job more and assign the others to Quickfish.