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1) 1-to-1 360° service 

With flat management system and 1-to-1 service, Quickfish will assign you a sole service specialist who will service from A-Z, any movement or any change will be followed up closely.

2) Fast and Flexible

Closest channel to your suppliers in China, Quickfish is able to communicate manage the shipment very fast and flexible, 100% process the shipment with your request.

Most of the local forwarders in your country are using their China office or China partner to move your shipments, which is slow in the information transmission, and will also bring loss of information, 20% information will be lost or misunderstand during one transmission. So for your real request information arrive the China office, there may be only 50% left or correct.

It is better managed directly by your China freight forwarder - Quickfish. Any of your request will be 100% met and processed immediately.

3) Consolidation services

Quickfish provide outstanding consolidation services from samples consolidationair freight consolidation to LCL/FCL consolidation which helps you lower your logistics fee abundantly! As we all know, the bigger weight of volume you get, the lower rate for air/sea shipment, on the other hand, all the consolidated shipments will share the same custom fee, handing fee, etc. Quickfish is of rich experience in the consolidation shipment from professional warehouse management to custom experiences.

4) Repacking

Most factories don't pack the goods in a good way, or far from strong enough for international shipments, especially for small factories who will cut the cost as lower as they can. That means you are in big risk to cost a lot of money but received broken merchandise.

Quickfish care every single carton, and will be responsible to repack the cartons to make sure they are safe for the delivery, prevent the broken happen before they leave.

5) Strong Int'l Logistics Network

As the top agent of DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT/Aramex, and with the strong commercial business relationship with the airlines such as CA, HU, CX, SU, CI, CA, HU, BR, OZ, KE, SQ etc, and long-term business relationship with ship company as MSK, APL, OOCL, COSCO, MSC etc. Quickfish can get the best price & space, meanwhile ensures the steady delivery from them. You will share the great benefit from it!

6) Payment Management

Have you ever calculated how much bank fee you pay every year, specially for samples, the bank fee maybe higher than the sample itself? We believe it is not a small amut, and have you meet problem that you need the goods very urgent while the payment have not arrive the factory's account and they can't make the delivery? Quickfish payments management is here to help you solve this problem, we will be able to help you save the bank fee and make instant RMB payment to the factories. It's a win-win solution for all the parties.

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Australia Direct Shipping

Full range solutions shipping from China to Australia. Door to door express/ freight to port, DDU & DDP solutions

samples consolidation

Freight Consolidation

#China samples consolidation #Air freight consolidation #LCL&FCL consolidation help you save up to 50%!


Air Freight

Quick operation & competitive air rates. Class A agent of SU, CX, HU, CA, EK airlines.



Sea Shipment

Weekly LCL & FCL sea freight from all ports China to worlwide. Containers guranteed, Steady sailing!


Express Courier

TOP AGENT of DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, Aramex in China. ALWAYS FREE warehouse for your shipments


Amazon FBA Shipping

Most reliable, TOP Amazon FBA shipping agent from China. Air freight and sea freight DDU/DDP.


"We have been happy with your service up until now. We still plan to obtain quotes from Quickfish in the future, and have found you guys to be reliable and trustworthy."

--- Jason from United States

"If anybody needs items shipped from China this guy Zino is the very best have known him for years and proud to call him a friend"

--- Simon from United Kingdom

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--- Corey from New Zealand

“I have more than 20 suppliers in China, it is a big problem for me for the high logistics fee and mess packages... QuickFish provides very good services and they are really very easy to work with, thanks to QuickFish, they make my purchasing from China much easier."

--- by Alex from Germany

"Thank you very much for that, you have been a star"

--- Leanne from United Kingdom

"Very professional, really excellent services"

--- Vincent from United Kingdom



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