With more than 10 years experience and connection in the international air freight from China forwarding door to door or to airports business, QuickFish already delivered more than billion kgs cargo by air freight to United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, etc. 

QuickFish established very strong relationship with different airlines companies such as CI, HU, SU, UPS, CA, BR, OZ, KE, CZ, EK etc. QuickFish is able to provide you a professional and suitable solution to meet your special request.

As we all know the warehouse fee in in the airport warehouse is very high, and sometimes is higher than the cargo itself, but with QuickFish wholly - own warehouse in China Shenzhen, you will never meet that problem. QuickFish proivde 90 days free warehouse for goods below 2 CBM.

Despite simply air freight forwarding, Quickfish provide uniqule packing service (singel carton re-packing, pallet packing etc) in the  own warehouse which prevent the goods broken from the start airport which is the 1st and outstanding provider inthe China forwarding industry.

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