If you ask, what's the biggest thing in the world of 2020. The answer would obviously be the corona virus! No matter where the virus is from, we have to say, it's a threat to the human being. China have shut down for 2 months and get very positive result, we win in this battle even with big economic loss. Anyway, life is much more important than money!

The Sunshine was very nice and comfort, Quickfish all staffs were back to work with safe from February 2020. Masks, disinfectant etc all prepared and processed with a strict way.

Sunshine In front of QuickFish Warehouse

Everyone have to admit the economic this year will be difficult. We always believe a good supply chain is important to a company especially in this situation. 

Quickfish always focus on freight consolidation, and we believe our work is very significant as our samples consolidation, air freight consolidation & LCL/FCL consolidation really helped our customers save money and work the business much easier. 

2020, Keep Fighting, Keep Moving!


Share some photos of Quickfish working:

-- 20GP FCL Consolidation Project (in March 11-2020)

QuickFish 20GP FCL Consolidation Project in March 2020

-- Every day Samples Consolidation (Ship by Express Courier, sometimes bigger shipment by air)

Samples Consolidation Services Everyday


-- LCL Consolidation (Small orders consolidated and ship by LCL)

LCL Consolidation Ocean Shipping


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