Easy Shipping from China to Australia - Air & Sea Freight Solutions

With years development of the AusDirect Freight for shipping from China to Australia, QuickFish provides steady & cost effective shipping for customers.


For all these years, we have been shipping cell phone accessories, audio & video devices, CCTV, LED lights, clothes etc. Delivery time is very steady and custom clearance is smooth.

  • Steady 3~5 or 5~7 business days air freight shipping to Australia (DDU & DDP optional)
  • Weekly LCL Shipping & FCL Consolidation
  • 25~30 days sea freight shipping (DDU & DDP optional)
  • Tracking online anytime
  • CHAFTA COO ( Free Trade Agreement) acceptable for free custom tax
  • Built in battery and magnetic products acceptable.

QuickFish also provide freight consolidation services when customer buy from various different China providers. Custom docuemnts will be prepared by QuickFish and clients only need to pay the custom tax then just wait at home for the shipment arrive at doorstep. Built in battery or magnetic products also acceptable. 

We believe economic and steady delivery time is what our clients looking for. And we will keep working to provide better services to our clients.

Contact us for a quotation. Email: inquiry@szquickfish.com.

China to Australia Air Freight Door to Door Service